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1,927nm Thulium Laser - CUREDA

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1,927nm Thulium Laser - New Generation's Whitening Solution!

CUREDA is a safe, non-invasive laser pigment remover on epidermal layers using laser of 1927nm wavelength. It is the latest advancement to the original and this new wavelength more effectively targets the superficial skin layers for faster clearance of pigment. It is effective for photo damage, mild to moderate melasma, age spots, cafe-au-lait, and birthmarks.

The superficial targeting offers patients improved comfort during treatment with immediate and progressive results. A novel 1927 nm wavelength, the first ever application of a Thulium laser in the aesthetics market, is optimized for treatment of pigmentation and other superficial skin conditions.


  • Outstanding Water Absorption Rate
    - 10 times water absorption rate against the wavelength of Er:Glass, 1550nm.
  • Thinnest Lesion Depth
    - The best way for toning, texturing, pigmentation in the epidermis


  • Outstanding water absorption rate
  • Dramatically improves skin texture & skin tone
  • Much less down-time due to non-ablative treatment
  • Accurate treatment on target lesions only
  • Painless by optimal thermal relaxation time

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Laser Category Thulium(Tm:fiber) Laser
Wavelength 1,927nm
Max.Power 5 Watts
Treatment Width 3mm x 3mm ~ 20mm x 20mm
Laser Trigger Foot Switch, Finger Switch
Delivery System Fiber Type
Beam Pattern Array, C-array, Moving
Beam Shape Square, Circle, Rectangles
User Interface 8" touch-screen Display Panel
Electrical 220VAC, 60Hz
Dimensions 380mm(W) x 540mm(D) x 990mm(H)
Weight Console 55kg